I began working with Emily because my daughter was struggling with several school-related and personal issues. And while I was confident that she needed my guidance and support, I was less sure about what that looked like. I cannot recommend coaching with Emily enough. She asks inquisitive questions and listens, really listens. Not only that, she has a genuine interest and curiosity in her client’s thoughts and emotions. Her questions got to the core of what I was battling with and it was through her coaching style and techniques that I was able to really get clarity on what my next steps forward should be. Mary

Emily is non-judgmental, trustworthy, and compassionate, which made me feel comfortable and safe. She is also an extremely knowledgeable and adept coach, who helped me to see different perspectives on my situation and taught me new skills that helped me become a more empathetic and a less reactive parent – especially during those tough moments. –Nicole C

I have had the privilege of being coached by Emily Scholnick.  Emily is an intuitive and compassionate coach who used her many gifts to help me think through the challenges I was facing and to come up with practical goals to help me move forward.  I found that Emily listens with her whole self and I felt seen.  Her critical questions helped me explore my mindset and challenged me to consider expanding how I saw my life and choices.  I appreciated her sense of humour and her ability to be present.  I would highly recommend Emily for anyone who wants to explore what it means to live your best life and wants to move closer to actually living it! –Theresa Z

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