About Emily

Let me introduce myself... My name is Emily Scholnick and I am your coach.

As a life-learner, I am particularly fascinated by neuroscience, psychology, spirituality, and the power of intentional mindfulness.

I have four adult children, one was diagnosed with sensory processing dysfunction as a toddler, and three adult stepchildren. We have been a blended family for 29 years. My seven children have blessed me with 12 amazing grandchildren.

For over 20 years I have been a practicing Occupational Therapist. After graduating Boston University, I worked in hospitals, the public school system, and owned an outpatient rehabilitation center.

Since I had been coaching parents as part of my pediatric Occupational Therapy practice, I returned to school to become a Certified Positive Psychology Life Coach.

I bring the seasoned wisdom of years of experience to my work and life. Having worked with many clients through stressful times, I have learned that trusting the coaching process will bring about the right results at the right time.

Also, having witnessed a shift in neuroscience and psychology toward methodologies that include the benefits of positive psychology as well as neuroplasticity, I have approaches that find solutions which are all-encompassing and thorough.

The importance of cultivating awareness is a critical starting point for change. While there are many things we need to learn to accept, there are always opportunities for change. At heart, I am an optimist and have seen clients grow and flourish when they become aware of a new perspective. I believe that change can and will happen when you learn skill, practice patience, and commit to the process. I approach coaching sessions with the fundamental view that you are the expert in your life and that I am essentially a facilitator and guide here to help you open to your inner, wisest self.

I will coach and encourage you to have the courage to become the person you really are. Being a parent for 45 years, having raised my children to adulthood, I am more relaxed and secure in the knowledge that things do work out. I believe wholeheartedly in our capacity to rewire our brains to change the negative, unhelpful thought habits and patterns into positive healthy new habits that will improve our performance and bring us happiness.

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